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Throughout my business career I’ve worked with and for many different companies; Private Equity backed businesses, Plc boards, SME’s and Family businesses. However no matter their structure, industry or size they all shared two key concerns.

  • Firstly – the requirement for change. Not necessarily a continuous or critical issue but a deep rooted knowledge that standing still was not an option. Decisions needed to be made and a path of transition would need to be followed.
  • Secondly – That change required, assessment, planning, time, resources, knowledge and insight. All factors that were absolutely key if change was to result in success. The same factors that are in short supply across most businesses.

It was the understanding and fulfillment of these two major concerns that gave rise to Matrix Business Consultancy.

I provide focused commercial & operational support, based on a passion and first hand knowledge of SME’s and family Version 2businesses across the B2B & B2C market sectors. Experience has shown that our tailored methodologies provide quick and sustainable results. Providing clear achievable commercial and operational objectives, which deliver BIG rewards in revenue and profitability.

The business has a proven track record of success in delivering business turnaround, improved profitability and change management. Helping to develop and implement strong commercial strategies. Providing the processes and mechanisms for; tighter financial controls, ethical international sourcing and harnessing management, employee and stakeholder engagement to increase productivity and profits.

Matrix Business Consultancy delivers professional, measurable long term results with energy, enthusiasm and a personal approach. So no matter where you are in the Change Cycle, we can help.

Managing Director – Shane Bray

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